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Services and Rates

Here at The Doggy Pad, we offer two main services. In-Home Sitting, where we will come to your home and take care of your dog, or Sleep Over Sitting, where your dog comes to our location and stays with us while you are gone. In addition to these main services we have optional services that may be added. On this page, you can view all of the services and prices of what The Doggy Pad provides.

Only accepting cash payments at this current time.

Meet and Greet (Consultation) (Schedule a day and time to meet myself, the sitter, and let me meet you and your pooch. This is a great time, before you leave, to get to know one another and allow me to answer any questions you might have.)
Meet and Greets are 100% Free.
Sleep Over Sitting Rates (Sleep Over Sitting is where your dog will come to my home and I will watch him/her till you get back.)
$25 first dog
$5 off each additional dog

In-Home Sitting (This is where I visit your dog at your home while your gone. Price includes 2 visits, which include feeding, re-freshen water, walks, and play time. Extra visits may be added for an additional fee.)
$30 first dog
$5 off each additional dog

Additional Visits can be added for $10-15.
*A travel fee of $5-15 will be charged for homes further than 5 miles.

5% off a stay of 7 or more days.
10% off for long term boarding of 2 or more weeks.

Dog Walks and Play Time (A daily dog walk or playtime is a great outlet for your pet and helps him/her stay stimulated and exercised. We help release their daytime energy and boredem by offering 20 and 30 minute walks (longer durations are available). I will take your dog for a walk around your neighborhood or nearby park. We will also make sure their water bowl is filled is filled with fresh cool water.)
$20/visit for a 20 minute walk
$25/visit for a 30 minute walk

*$5 for each additional dog

Optional Services

We know that most people like their furry friend smelling good when they come home, so The Doggy Pad offers grooming services. *Highly suggested to people that are boarding their dog for over a week.

(Includes: massaging, shampooing, cleaning eyes and ears, and hand drying)
Small, Short Haired Dog Dog Bath: $10.00
Small, Long Haired Dog Bath: $15.00
Large, Short Haired Dog Bath: $20.00
Large, Long Haired Dog Bath: $25.00
Giant Breed Dogs or dogs with heavy coat are upwards of $30

Brushing (Per/day depending on what owner requests)
Small, Long Haired Dog: $5.00
Large, Long Haired Dog: $10.00

Pick Up & Delivery (This service for those busy people that just don't have the time to come to The Doggy Pad location to drop off your dog or keys. Let us take one thing off your busy schedule, we will pick up your dog from your home or office and take him/her to our place for any of our provided services.)

Pick-up & Delievery Rates: $10 Base Fee with in a 10 mile radios of our location, $1/per mile beyond.

Vaccination Requirements

All dogs must have current vaccination records on file with The Doggy Pad while they are boarding with us. A written verification of vaccinations from a veterinarian or a receipt showing the date and purchase of a vaccination are the only vaccination proof that will be accepted. The following are a list of vaccinations The Doggy Pad requires its guests to have on file with us prior to their stay.

RABIES (this vaccination is also required by Orange County. Puppies under 4 months are exempt.)