Quotes I was going out of town for 9 days/8 nights and was panicking on where to board my dog. He is a little 9 pound chi/mini pin mix and with as much as he sleeps, I think he is part cat. I found Sam online and was impressed with the testimonials I read so I decided to give her a try. I made an appointment to meet her with Moose. He is normally very skiddish around people he doesn't know but warmed up to Sam instantly and I knew we found a winner. I would get text updates from her and felt good knowing Moose was being well cared for while I was enjoying myself on vacation. Moosey will definitely be staying at the Doggy Pad when I have to travel for business or head out on vacation. Sam is great! Quotes
Cari Andrew
Moose's Mom

Quotes I found the Doggy Pad just one week before a was to go on a two week vacation. I went to the house to meet Samantha and check everything out because I had never left Bruno with anyone before. Everything seemed just fine so off we went. I called her like every three days (poor girl) to check on him and He was just fine, I was a wreck. Everything was perfectly fine. We had a great vacation and so did Bruno. I would take him there again in a minute. Thanks Samantha Quotes
Donna Lewis
Dog Sitting Client

Quotes We went to Mexico for 9 days/8 nights and Samantha came to our house twice daily to feed, walk, and play with our two dogs. She was also kind enough to water plants, collect mail, and clean up any doggy messes. Our dogs were happy to see us, but seemed so much happier and healthier than when we've boarded them at other places. She also updated us via email and Facebook, and it really, really helped put our minds at ease while enjoying our honeymoon. She's professional and attentive. We couldn't be happier. Thank you so so so much!!! Quotes
Cale & Stephanie Monson
Newlyweds Who Weren't Worried About Their Dogs

Quotes Samantha took very good care of Elle over the weekend. You can see some of Elle's photos loving her own vacation. Furthermore, Samantha was cooperative with my unbalanced schedule at that time. Without a doubt, I highly recommend The Doggy Pad! I will for sure will be using her dog boarding services in the near future! Thanks again! Quotes
Kaycee Cortez
Satisfied Customer

Quotes I had my dog and my cat, Lucy and Ash, stay at the Doggy Pad from Saturday afternoon to Sunday afternoon. Sam, the head honcho of the Doggy Pad, took special care of them and made sure that they were both as comfortable as possible. Ash had other cats to socialize with and Lucy got plenty of walks and attention. Sam even threw in a bath for Lucy (fleas can't seem to get enough of her), allowing Lucy to enjoy her time at the Pad happy and flea free. When I went to pick them up, I can tell the night went smoothly and they were both at ease, resulting in me being at ease the next time Lucy and Ash stay with Sam at the Doggy Pad. Thanks again!!! Quotes
Brandon Gleeson
Great Experience!

Quotes I highly recommend Samantha. She is trustworthy, sweet and caring. She took excellent care of our babies when we had her pet sit in the past. I wish you lived closer Sam!!! Good luck with your new business. Quotes
Carrie Otoupalik
My pups loved her.

Quotes Samantha has been our dog's caregiver for several years. She has always met the expectations we expected. We still use Samantha's services and we have recommended her to other pet owners that we know. The pet owner's we referred to Samantha had nothing but good comments to say about her caregiving. If you should have any questions, please don't hesitate to email me. Quotes
Cynthia Soltis
Satisfied Customer

Quotes Samantha has watched three of our dogs while we have been on vacation. We never worry about them when we are gone because she has taken such good care of them. Her main duties have been to walk them, feed them and admi inter medication. When she comes over, the dogs are so excited to see her. She truly loves animals and it shows in the way she treats our dogs. Quotes
Marlene Dull