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Posted by Sam Waterhouse on August 8, 2012 at 6:35 PM Comments comments (36)

Ziggy Zoom Zoooooom!

Ziggy is a super young Fox Terriers that is all sorts of sweet and energetic. He is a ton of fun to play with and love on. Most of the time he is very active and wants to play with any and every toy he can get his mouth on. The second that I brought out the tennis balls he went crazy. Ziggy is one of those dogs who just can't get enough fetch.

During his stay we had two pretty big earthquakes hit which rocked our condo, but during all of that scariness he just wanted to play. :) That just proves how energetic he is.

The only issue that was found with Ziggy while he stayed with us was that he was a chewer. During his stay he got ahold of his harness and wripped it apart. :( That was no good, but his owner wasn't to mad at him. After realizing that he needed a good eye kept on him and a tennis ball in his mouth, he did well the rest of his stay.

A couple silly things that I learned about Ziggy while he stayed at The Doggy Pad were that he had two different color nails, he loves ice cubes, he will carry a tennis ball (or any toy for that matter) all around the place just chewing on it, and he does some pretty cool trickes. I really enjoyed getting to watch Ziggy while his owner was at work, and I hope that I get the chance to watch him again some day.

Check out some pictures of Ziggy's stay at The Doggy Pad:


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Sleepy Face Moose

Moose is a 5 year old Chihuahua that stayed at The Doggy Pad for a little under a two weeks. During this time he slept and slept and slept. :) His owner told me before she left that all he will do is pretty much sleep all day... She was right. He acted much like a cat in the fact that he just wanted to nap all day and play for a couple minutes at night.

But during those times that he wasn't sleeping, Moose was a super fun dog to play with. His favorite times where hanging out in the back yard, going on his walks, and wrestling with his pink bunny.

The only problem that we encountered with Moose was at time time when we would leave him in the living room. He cry and claw at our door. Finally we let him in and he made him self cozy on our bed at night.

Moose was a pleasure to have stay with us at The Doggy Pad, and I'm excited to say he will be returning back at the end of this month for a short stay while his owner is away for work. :)

Check out a few pictures of Moose's first stay at The Doggy Pad:

More pictures to come...

Chloe and Milo

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These sweet faces are Chloe, a Tibetan Spaniel, and Milo, a Pomeranian Chihuahua Mix, that I'm currently visiting two times a day. When first meeting them, Chloe was the out going energetic one and Milo was the shy guy.

Milo was rescued from a local freeway by a cop, finding himself in need of a home. Lucky fo this little pooch a loving home was waiting for him with another doggy friend. This experience as made Milo a little wary of new visitors, but once he warms up to you he is just a bundle of love.

Chloe is a sweet girl that loves being petted and loves to play with her toys. She is so silly when she is playing she shacks the toy and then tosses up in the air, just to shack it some more. :)

I'll be watching these two for the next week while their owners are on their honeymoon. I've very excited to have fun with Chloe and Milo during this time.

Here are some pictures of Milo and Chloe so far:


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Wiggle Wiggle Wiggle!

Elle is a 5 year old beagle that is super fun! Her tail is always flopping back and forth with no stop. I'm almost certain that her tail is what keeps her going. Her stay here at The Doggy Pad was only a short one but I had a lot of fun getting to play with her. We had some good walks, plus lots of play time out in the back yard.

I loved playing in the back yard with her. It's funny watching her run at top speeds, back and forth through the grass and watching her ears just flow in the breeze. :)


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It's Bruno!

Bruno may be small, but this little guy has a huge personality. He is currently staying at The Doggy Pad for an extended stay of 15 nights. Bruno is a 2 1/2 year old tan Pug that just wants to have fun. He is a little ball of energy at times where he just wants to run around and play with his favorite green monkey doll. He is super silly when he grabs it and flips it up in the air, over and over. I always know when he wants to play tug because he will flop his toy down and do a little bark. The funniest thing is when it get's to a certain time at night (usually around 8-9pm) and he get's that little burst of energy and runs all around the house.

Bruno has one of the greatest personalities; you could tell when his owner, Donna, dropped him off that he was super sad. But after that first night of sadness he brightened right up and just wanted affection and lots of play time. Another silly thing about Bruno is he loves to nap on your head if you have it laying down. Oh, and boy does he snore! One of the best things about Bruno is how happy he is to see you; you just have left the room for a couple of seconds but he will give you the best greeting. :) As a favor to Bruno's owner, I took him to Petsmart to get his nails clipped where he was such a good boy. Everyone in the store thought he was just the cutest little thing.

I'm going to miss Bruno a lot when he leaves The Doggy Pad.

Check out these pictures of Bruno's stay.


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Meet Trixie!

This stunning, smiley pooch is Trixie! She is currently staying with me here at The Doggy Pad until Monday evening. :) She is a 2 year old, tan dachshund mix. She has such an amazing personality; she is sweet, very loveable, playful, energetic, and happy. While she has been staying with me, I have got to see some of her silliness; like how she grabs a couple pieces of her kibble out of her bowl and brings it to me, then eats it. Or the cute little way she runs, where her back feet do a little skip to the side.

She isn't much of a fetch playing sort of dog, but oh, how she does love to rough house, along with playing tug-a-war with her toys. But I think the one thing she really loves the most is being able to sit on a lap or just next to you and get all the love, attention and petting she could possible soak up.

I'm so very happy that I get to sit this gorgeous little pup! She is super fun and totally awesome!

Here are some more pictures of her while staying with me.

Amazing Dog Photography

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I love dog photography; there is always something so very interesting about the pictures. So when I stumble upon new pictures, I'm always very excited. One of my absolute favorite dog photographs became a web sensation a few months ago; the Underwater Dog Photos by Seth Casteel. Casteel, being a dog love himself, decided that he wanted to take pictures of dog's wild side, and the water was the perfect way to bring that out. He was able to capture dogs looking focused, silly, and even terrifying; all different expressions that you don't see everyday.

© Seth Casteel @

Another amazing photographer that I have fallen in love with is Carli Davidson, who took some wonderful photographs of dogs while they are in the motion of shaking off water. Her pictures show all the things that our eyes don't normally see when our dogs shake; the skin rolling in all different ways and the facial expressions. Carli Davidson also has another collection called, Pets with Disabilities, that caught my attention.

Carli Davidson Pet Photography © Carli Davidson